General Questions

We do not sell to the consumer. Registering allows us to verify a Trade account, and is necessary to access pricing and online ordering.

We sell only to members of the trade such as, but not limited to: designers, architects, landscapers, hospitality groups, event planners, retail and specialty stores. Your registration will be approved if your business is verified legitimate by providing a Tax ID/EIN and a your State Resale Certificate.

There is no minimum, order just what you need. Larger volume orders may qualify for discounts. Small, or single items orders, will have a higher shipping percentage than bulk orders.

Estimated shipping costs are authorized upon order. The rates shown may not
be the final amount charged, since we must pack the order before shipping can
be determined. Final rates are usually equal to, or less than estimated.

Our prices and products are shown online to approved registrants. We do not have a printed or digital price list.

We have a small Enduraleaf® catalog for members of the Trade. Contact us for a print or PDF copy. Our full Catalog is online.

Our Shop can build custom-sized hedges and other products using our Enduraleaf® greenery. If you or your client has an existing planter, we can likely build to fit. Contact our team for assistance.

New Growth Designs does not provide installation services, but we can give some helpful tips to install our products.

Here is the link to our installation page.

Most Flowers and Plants are assembled to order, so will often have minor differences than shown in the online image. We may make substitutions of flowers or containers as needed due to supply. We also revise items occasionally, and photos may not always immediately reflect all changes.

Here is the link to our return policy.

We appreciate your interest in offering New Growth Designs products in your online store. When our product is shown on a website, it is our goal to have the selected items reflect the particular designer’s curated assortment. It is not our intention for a retailer/designer to offer all of our items on their website.

We do not allow New Growth Designs or Enduraleaf branded products to be sold on ANY Third Party websites (such as Amazon).

Contact us for more information, or if you are seeking permission to sell our products on you website.

Here is the link to our privacy policy.


Most in-stock items will ship within 2 weeks. Many products are made-to-order and require more production and shipping lead time, which may be 1-3 weeks. Custom order lead times will be provided with the Quote.

Shipping rates vary wildly, depending on order volume, item sizes, weight, delivery address, etc. We must pack your order before shipping can be determined. The shipping shown when you check out is estimated, but only actual freight will be captured on your payment.