Product Care

Caring for Artificial Flowers

Premium artificial plants and flowers add the beauty, punch and drama of fresh with little to no maintenance. No water, no mess, no worry! New Growth Designs realistic artificials are a perfect accent for any room or space.

Regular dusting and cleaning is recommended to extend their life and maintain that fresh appearance.

Cleaning tips:

For flowers that are potted in Durt®, use a duster, soft cloth or canned air to dust, just as you do your live green plants.

Glass will cloud due to humidity changes, or during shipping. Clean the flowers themselves just as you do flowers in Durt®. To clean the glass, carefully reach into the vase with glass cleaner on a soft cloth. Or add a small amount of tepid soapy water into the vase, swish to clean, and rinse with clear water until no soap residue is visible. Pour out the water immediately (do not allow the water to sit on the acrylic surface) and allow the vase to air dry.

Keeping your artificial flowers clean will extend their life and will keep them looking 'fresh'.