Product Care

New Growth Designs artificial florals and greenery offer the beauty and elegance of fresh flowers, plants, and trees with little to no maintenance. No water, no mess, no worries! We use the highest quality materials in each of our products and with proper care these products will last for many years.
Sunlight and UV
Our indoor florals and trees are not intended to be displayed in direct sunlight. Occasional exposure is ok but its best to make sure they are not exposed directly to UV.
Enduraleaf outdoor products have the highest UV-stable rating available and we stand behind this with our 5 year warranty. We actually set a new standard in the industry and are confident our outdoor greenery will hold up in the harshest environments. In many locations our outdoor products will last well beyond the five year timeline.
For flowers, plants, and trees, use a duster, soft cloth, or canned air to dust them, just as you would with your live plants. Carefully dust the petals and leaves until you are satisfied they are clean.

Glass vases may cloud due to humidity changes or during shipping. Clean the flowers themselves just as described before. To clean the glass, carefully reach into the vase with glass cleaner on a soft cloth. Or add a small amount of soapy water into the vase, swish to clean, and rinse with clear water until no soap residue is visible. Pour out the water immediately (do not allow the water to sit on the acrylic surface) and allow the vase to air dry.