Our Story

It was in the early 1990s. Ed Glenn was working in his family-owned, second generation flower shop in Greenville, North Carolina, when he had an idea. Ed and his wife, Jef, had already made a name for themselves as floral designers, creating signature design projects that led to decorating events at the White House and various State dinners. But due to shipping delays, weather, and other unavoidable challenges common in the fresh flower industry, Ed began looking for high-quality alternatives to live, potted plants.

Unsatisfied with what he found, he decided to create his own. With no background in production or manufacturing, he started assembling a few simple Paperwhite Narcissi, set in rustic terracotta pots, with different materials and tools he had lying around. For the base, he created a permanent dirt mixture designed to imitate natural soil, what later became known as Durt™.

Pleased with the small handful of prototypes he created, he thought other people might be interested in purchasing them. He also happened to know a friend with a furniture showroom at the upcoming biannual High Point Furniture Market, who he convinced to feature a couple of the small plants. The products caught on and within a few days, he came back with his first orders and the start of a new company.

 Today, after several expansions, including moving to a 60,000 square foot production and design space, New Growth Designs is a leading provider of high-end artificial plants and greenery. What started with a few small pieces is now an international business, with arrangements featured in some of the world’s finest luxury stores, museums, and hotels, and sought after by today’s best-known designers. Every Faux-Fresh™ arrangement is designed by Ed with meticulous attention to detail and hand-assembled in Greenville, North Carolina, by a team of designers dedicated to creating the most realistic botanical reproductions possible. Using only the finest materials available, each plant brings the beauty of the natural world indoors without the need for upkeep, maintenance, or replacement. 

In addition to its floral line, New Growth Designs continues to expand its offerings to the design trade. In 2013, after numerous requests for products that can be used outdoors, the company launched New Growth Designs Outdoor, which features a line of faux, UV-resistant boxwood balls, topiaries, and hedges for outdoor use, with designs inspired by classic English and French gardens.

With a collection of products that showcase the best of nature, New Growth Designs is a celebration of the natural world around us.

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